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In the realm of the web, sales pitches often mask costly projects, complicated timelines, and results that fail to deliver. At Alphatek, our objective is to simplify it all.

Our experienced team of strategists, programmers, graphic designers, and web writers leverage their expertise to deliver an effective and aesthetically pleasing project that aligns perfectly with your actual needs. Our process ensures that you stay in constant connection with your project, allowing for complete collaboration at every stage of development.

HumaskSelling worldwide in record time

Humask manufactures the world's most advanced surgical masks. As a rapidly growing company, their team wanted to quickly make their product range available for online sales to address the urgent demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. By working with the Shopify platform, we were able to develop a fully customized and high-performing e-commerce website in record time, seamlessly connected to their warehouse.

Luc Girard, Vice President of HumaskLuc Girard, Vice President of Humask
— Luc Girard, Vice President of Humask“Despite the required speed of execution, Alphatek delivered at every stage of our e-commerce website project.”

La Maison des leadersFrom branding to a stellar online presence

La Maison des leaders is a space for slowing down, reflection, and exchange for leaders in Québec and the French-speaking world. After completing a comprehensive strategic rebranding and communication direction overhaul, we developed a website that showcases both the essence of the company and its range of services. This includes a high-performance content management system.

Natuku MineralsSupporting the marketing of a new brand

Natuku offers a comprehensive range of skincare products made with Manicouagan clay. Their team entrusted us with the task of creating their brand-new e-commerce website, aimed at showcasing the brand and its products while enabling online sales in Canada and Europe.

Sébastien, Alphatek Team MemberSébastien, Alphatek Team Member
— Sébastien, Alphatek Team Member“To successfully create a website, it is crucial to fully understand the client's reality and objectives. This understanding lays the groundwork for the strategic and functional foundations upon which the entire project will rely.”

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